Customer Appreciation Photos

The Chrysm Institute of Esthetics

For myself, receiving customer appreciation photos are an absolutely wonderful thing to be given. As an online artist, especially, paintings are sent off to live in homes and businesses all across the world. It is a rare and greatly appreciated occasion that I get to see the environment in which they…(continue reading)

A Lovely Customer Appreciation Photo of their modern art home decor

 Original handmade fine art paintings by R Schoeffel   These particular collectors from Pennsylvania have tied together a beautiful arrangement of decor that accentuate the color and style of the pieces displayed. Simple and elegant, the vibrant color and organic flow of the pottery perfectly…(continue reading)

A Beautiful Collector's Photo

Modern abstract original painting titled "Poseidon"  Original handmade artwork by R Schoeffel A wonderful collector of my work from New Mexico assembled this beautiful collage and began the hunt to find just the perfect painting to complete the space and found it in my abstract seascape…(continue reading)