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A Beautiful Collector's Photo

Modern abstract original painting titled "Poseidon"

 Original handmade artwork by R Schoeffel
A wonderful collector of my work from New Mexico assembled this beautiful collage and began the hunt to find just the perfect painting to complete the space and found it in my abstract seascape on canvas "Poseidon". 
She writes, "Renae--

The room is still kind of a work in progress--a few elements still have to arrive--but I have the painting in place and LOVE it. It's the focal point of the room and is EXACTLY what I had envisioned.

Thank you so much for the excellent service and the amazing painting!

Thank you so much, Louise!  


Sarah said:

Breathtaking! The antiques contrast the modern art perfectly and the color is so bright and rich! The aqua color is such a great compliment to the colors used in the painting. This is really stunning.

Monday, November 5th

Renae Schoeffel said:

Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments, Sarah! It is most certainly one of my favorite pictures that I have received from customers over the years.

Monday, November 5th

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Friday, February 17th

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Wednesday, March 1st

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Friday, March 31st

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The power of the picture is still there, but purely more proscribed as the eye has direction by the proposal of an identifiable horizon line rising from the churning watery whirlpool near the painting's center, comparable to a lesser abstract painting titled Sea Rain.

Wednesday, April 5th

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The room is still kind of a work in progress

Monday, May 8th

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Monday, May 22nd

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Monday, June 12th

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Wow… This is so beautiful. The thing is that this photograph itself is a beautiful image that can be framed and hung in the drawing room. And make not of the point that she has some serious artistic view.

Wednesday, June 21st

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Wednesday, July 5th

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Saturday, July 29th

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Saturday, July 29th

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Friday, September 29th

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Tuesday, October 24th

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